Eucharist & Tea begins September 13


Every other Wednesday a small but lively group gathers to share the Holy Eucharist in a brief, abbreviated worship service beginning at 3:00 p.m. Immediately, we reassemble in the wells room for loose leaf tea and thoughtful discussion. It’s a delightful group that feeds the soul with wisdom and laughter. We are currently discussing Richard Rohr, the much loved Franciscan friar’s book, “Falling Upward. Father Rohr is considered a “spiritual genius” who is read universally by all Christians. Down to earth, yet wise beyond words, he is as they say, “the real deal.” He writes in the introduction, “Our soul’s discovery is utterly crucial, momentous, and of pressing importance for each of us and for the world. We do not make or create our souls; we grow them up.” Why not join your friends and help grow your soul by joining us as we begin anew this September!

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